2014 Stormwater Conference

Below are the presentations at the LRGV TPDES Stormwater Management Task Force Conference 2014.


Day 1:  Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Industrial Permit Enforcement- Overview of Multi Sector Industrial Permit – Jonathan Diaz

Role of the LRGV TPDES Stormwater Task Force, its Past Accomplishments & Future Goals

Environmental Regulatory Hurdles for Stormwater and Flood Control Project- Emily Rogers

2013 StormWater Compliance Programs’ Results – Ivan Santoyo

How Is EPA Promoting Green Infrastructure – Suzanna Perea

Industrial 210E Authorizations for Beneficial Reuse – Kara Denney

Linking Watershed Education and Outdoor Physical Activities Through Communications Technology

Making More Rain at TTI’s Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory- Jett McFalls, PLA

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)-What Is It – Francisco J. Chavero

Texas Floodplain Management Association- Jessica Baker

TPDES – Construction General Permit for Stormwater- Jonathan Diaz & Imelda Pena

Use of Domestic Reclaimed Water


Day 2:   Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clearwater Potable Reuse – MacNevin Final

Conservation, Reuse, and Water Quality Versus The Big Drought

Legal Issues Regarding Reuse of Wastewater-Emily RogersFinancing Drainage Projects – David Mendez

Lower Rio Grande Valley Low Impact Development (LID) Implementation and Education- Augusto Sanchez

National Perspective on the Stormwater Permitting Program -David Garcia

Performance & Testing of Coagulants to Reduce Stormwater Runoff Turbidity

Plastic Bag in the Environments- Facts

PPP- A Solution of Texas Water Management

Stormwater Legislative Update- A Look Back and a Look Forward

Stormwater Management O&M and Implications for siting, ownership, permitting and construction

TPDES Permitting, MS4 Updates

Urban Waters- White House Inititives in Region 6