Stormwater Management

The Lower Rio Grande Valley TPDES Stormwater Management Task Force is a joint program between  various municipalities all across the Rio Grande Valley to educate and improve how cities and civil engineers plan for stormwater management.

What We Do

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Stormwater Task Force (LTSTF) is a joint effort to develop a proactive regional approach to stormwater management.  Our goals are to reduce stormwater pollution, protect the natural environment and benefit the community. The LTSTF is actively involved in the following projects:

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development is an integral, city by city based project that we actively engage in with participating municipalities.View More

LTSTF Annual Conference

The LTSTF Annual Conference is a forum and discussion featuring leading researchers and studies on innovative stormwater management. View More

Community Outreach

The LTSTF creates and disseminates educational materials to the public about effective stormwater management.View More

Upcoming Events

27th Annual Storm Water Management & Planning Conference

Location to be announced

Coming 2025 – actual date to be announced

Registration to be announced